At the Base of Mt. Tongariro

A-gong* defines connections
By geography.

Heritage transcends our maps.
We are locked in,
By ancient memories.

She feels it, too,
Eurasian child of mine.

Tears in her young eyes,
She calls to the mountains:
I’m Maori! I’m yours!

The Grand Resonating Force,
Embracing this landscape,
Began in our hearts before modern history,
Swallowed us both whole,
And in time set us free;
A pair of burning taniwha,
Warming the bitter sky.

Together, my dear daughter,
We’ll burn the edges of both hemispheres,
Leave marks on the maps,
And melt the wax,
That endeavours to seal our identities.

-KA Brown

*A-gong is Grandpa in Taiwan

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